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The Postgraduate Programme "Analysis and Design of Structures" covers a wide range of topics related to the analysis and design of structures with an emphasis on Civil Engineering projects. 

The MSc ADS provides advanced training and specialization in many subjects that include theoretical engineering and its implementations, the anti-seismic design of structures, special topics of reinforced concrete structures, the design of metal and composite structures as well as geotechnical projects implementations. The Postgraduate Programme also provides a wide range of knowledge in modern computational methods of analysis and design.

The Programme awards a high-level and internationally recognized postgraduate diploma that advances the scientific knowledge and responds to current and future technological needs. The MSc ADS provides scientists with broad knowledge in the design and analysis of structures aiming to staff the construction industry with personnel having specialized skills.

Finally, the MSc "Analysis and Design of Structures" provides the necessary scientific background for those who choose to continue to a Doctoral level.

The programme offers classes in two scientific fields, in Direction A: “Structural Engineering” and in Direction B: “Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures”.  

The MSc Programme “Analysis and Design of Structures” has been included at the internationalization project of NTUA postgraduate studies [the project “Support of internationalization actions of the postgraduate studies of the National Technical University of Athens” is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund) through the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning”], with the aim to promote the studies opportunities for international students, along with the research and educational activities of NTUA. In this context, the Programme will be offered fully in the English language.


National Technical University of Athens
9 Heroon Politechneiou,
Zografou GR 15780,
Athens, Greece


Email: mscads@central.ntua.gr
Phone: 210 772 3613 
Fax: 210 772 3450